Dave Courtney

Business Development Manager

Dave Courtney received his BS in Chemistry and Business Administration from Northeastern University in 2011.

After completing his Post-Baccalaureate as a pre-med fellow at Northeastern, he served as an operation specialist in a Nanofabrication Laboratory where he utilized qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analytics to gather information to plan, create, improve, and optimize processing for scientific research and development. Here, he developed, consulted, and supervised on projects identifying and creatively problem-solving issues with multinational and cross-disciplinary university researchers and trainees to help them accomplish their diverse research goals.

This experience served as a catalyst for him to pursue an MBA at Boston College Carroll School of Management to help further develop his understanding of the latest business tools to better serve the STEMs(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) community. With his rich experience and training, Dave aims to translate scientific and technological ideas into profitable and supportive products and services using creative and analytical qualities to approach problems and find unique solutions.