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At EDC, we believe science is the focus. We believe with the right management system, scientists can focus on what they do best, science. We create an adaptable and teachable management system capable of initiating and sustaining an academic laboratory. To date, there has not been a successful system that does not require an experienced lab manager. At EDC, we now have developed that system.

EDC Founder, Damien Wilpitz, has spent the last 12 years directing his attention toward understanding inefficiencies in academic research institutions. He has identified 4 key management components: Operational, Personnel, Financial and Research management. He and his team have acquired expertise in current methods of management practices, and have selected the best systems and techniques to create a basic adaptable skeletal system. It has proven the ability to increase productivity by capitalizing on all available resources. Our management strategy focuses on the growth and flexibility of laboratories by correcting key inefficiencies with readily actionable improvements. These efforts serve as the EDC template, resulting in the development and expansion of ambitious laboratory environments.

Our management modules will enable labs to operate at a capacity optimized for scientific productivity.

Our Team

Damien Wilpitz

Founder / Lead Consultant

Damien Wilpitz received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego…

Nicholas Guay-Ross

Academic Relations Consultant

Nicholas originally trained as a chemist receiving his Bachelors of Science at Simon Fraser University…

Elizabeth Kwo, MD, MBA

Business Management Advisor

Dr. Liz Kwo is a MD/MBA graduate from Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School….

Enrique Saez, PhD.

Scientific Research Advisor

Dr. Enrique Saez is a PhD graduate in Genetics from Harvard Medical School and Dana…

Brennan McMullen

Life Science Research Analyst

Brennan is currently an undergraduate at Boston University studying Health Sector Management and Pre-Med. Brennan…

Dave Courtney

Business Development Manager

Dave Courtney received his BS in Chemistry and Business Administration from Northeastern University in 2011….

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Financial Management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Vendor Relations
Operations Management
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Floor layout and planning
Personnel Management
  • Recruitment
  • Management coaching and training
Data Management
  • Software and server analysis
  • IT analysis
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